Expert Consulting, Design & Procurement- AC Charge points and Networks

PlanetEV has worked for the past 4 years with AC charge points and systems; assisting clients with the design of charge points and ancillaries in addition to charge point networks and control systems; we leverage long experience of networks in mobile communications applying our expertise to helping customers deliver efficient and effective AC charge point systems.

We have many contacts and connections and assisted with charge point design, network design, component and assembly procurement and sourcing and functional testing helping clients to turn their ideas for charging ideas to practical EV charging solutions.

Practical Experience

  • Operating AC charge points in premises and public locations
  • AC charge point selection and design
  • AC Charge point networks and back office systems integration

Sourcing & Supply

With years of practical experience Planet EV has extensive contacts in the supply chain for complete units and components and software; together with detailed knowledge of operating AC charge points in both premises and public installations, we can locate and discuss your requirements, to ensure value and quality in your supply chain.

Planet EV sources assemblies, components and complete charge points in the UK and world-wide, arranging reliable imports, liaising and evaluating supplies to meet your equipment and network requirements, quickly and minimising risk to your supply chain.


PlanetEV has proven experience in bringing together market requirements for AC charging systems, connecting sales, marketing, specifications, legislative and regulatory requirements, together with manufacturing and procurement to realise practical EV charging solutions.

  1. Charge point legislative and regulatory considerations.
  2. Charge point Selection for a range of applications.
  3. Network and unit design.

PlanetEV can bring together a wide range of practical experience covering a range of AC charge point disciplines, assisting in realising specific and practical solutions for your charge point operations and requirements.


And more ….

The world of EV is developing very rapidly, there is no single solution that will fit every situation; a range of solutions combining different technologies and configurations will be required to meet the needs of the markets around the world.

EV has an important role to play in contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change – cars and light vans around the world have a very significant impact on our climate and there is an urgent need to implement effective and sustainable solutions, electric vehicles their different forms can help change now!.